Agenda for May 16, 2022 City Council Meeting

Date and time: 5/16/20222 6:00 pm

Participants: Mayor Jeff Van Sickler, Robert Phillips, Wes Waddell, Jim Milholen, Debb Formanek, Chris Cantwell, Richard Crow

Optional: George Rhoads, Shawn Hollis, Moose Dunavan, Zach Stevens, Wes Usrey


  1. Meeting called to order by Mayor Jeff Van Sickler
  2. Invocation
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Roll Call
  5. Public Comments
  6. Action on Minutes
  7. Treasurer’s Report as of 04/30/2022
    • General Fund $ 2,294,363.50
    • Street Fund $ 680,469.21
  8. Unfinished Business
    • None
  9. New Business
    • Candidates for Ward 2 Position 2
    i. Cory Knight & Donny Barton
    • Ordinance 2022-004. Esterer, Paul; 4933 Rocky Ridge Tr.; Rezone from AG to RE
    • Resolution 2022-013. Authorize certain individuals as signatories to City of Little Flock bank accounts
    i. Removing Maureen Brandolini and adding Richard Crow
    • Resolution 2022-014. Amendments to the 2022 Street and General Fund Budgets
  10. Announcements
    • Ordinance Violation Letter sent to owners of 1328 Little Flock Dr. for tall grass
    • Letter of support for Police Body Camera Grant Request
  11. Pay Bills Over $10,000
    • WP Adams LLC – repairs to washed out area of Spring Valley Road in the amount of $15,750 (Fifteen Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars)
  12. Adjourn

Minutes of Previous City Council Meetings here.